Thursday, April 24, 2008


I don't think anyone understands what one getting ready for a PAO is going through except fellow PAOers. Here are the things/feelings/thoughts that consume my head and will until I'm on the other side of this operation......
Unsure of my future
Scared about my job (this post is coming)
Scared about the pain afterwards
Scared for Adam having too much on his plate afterwards

Lack of support at work (except a wonderful few)
How do I take a bath?
What if I don't wake up?
What's the pain like after waking up?
Why me?
I just wanted to start a family, not become a baby again
Loss of independence
How will everything I do get done?
I want to stop crying
In pain
Can't sleep
Don't want to be put under
The financial aspect (questions are numerous)
How do I put it all aside in my head or do I?
Why doesn't anyone seem to understand?
Which chair would be best for my shower?
My parents shouldn't be having to care for me, I'm 29!!!!!
I just thought it was a pulled muscle.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It begins

Hello, my name is Brenna Wolfe and I was just diagnosed with hip dysplasia (like German Shepherds get). I'll start from the very beginning.

Sept 07-
I was working a 12 hour shift on a med surg floor and I came home crying with extreme hip pain. I kept telling my husband it felt like a knife digging in my right hip. I couldn't explain it due to the fact that I moved 8 patients for 12 hours. I took a pain med and didn't pay much attention to it. I told my doctor that I work for (a cardiologist/internist) on the following Monday. He ordered x-rays for me. NOTHING!!

Dec. 07
Still having some pain. Nothing that I take any meds for. I no longer can lay on my right side in the bed and experience some burning and aching in my right leg that shoots down to my knee. I can no longer sit indian style and this all kind of sucks, but I'm still figuring that I've just pulled something from pulling all of those heavy patients back in September. I have a connection through my family of a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon from DUKE. They mention my symptoms to him and he offers to see me. Well I go see Dr. Fitch at Duke (Wonderful Doctor) and had another set of x-rays done. NOTHING. They called me back and stated that if I was still experiencing pain that they would order an MRI with contrast for me. After talking to my mother and her convincing me to have it done prior to starting the mommy process I ordered the MRI.

March 08
I have a MRI with contrast shot directly into my hip joint so that they may see any labral tears which they suspect at this time. The procedure itself was a breeze and even fell asleep in my MRI.
About 2 weeks later I get a call from Dr. Steven Olson's (Duke Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon) liaison stating that I need a consult with him and the first thing he has is April 10th. I asked the liaison what might be wrong and she proceeds to read me some of his email which states I have a very striking periacetabular retro version with labral tears and he suggest a reverse surgery.
What the hell??? I goggle night and day until my appointment to try and figure out what exactly I have.

April 10th
I meet with Dr. Olson at Duke ortho and he is very nice and to the point. Which I like. I am given a complete physical which they assess my right leg and I can't resist any weight that he is pushing with and I'm about to cry. He gives me two options.

Option 1: Arthroscopic repair of the labral tear I have with the underlying problem of the dysplasia not addressed. I could get another tear in a month or it could be ten years at which point I've done so much damage that my only option is a THR(total hip replacement)


Option 2:
PAO - periacetabular ostoetomy with a labral tear debridement.
I proceeded with option #2
I'm very scared and want to gather all the information I can about this procedure.

I talk with my husband and family at length about scheduling the surgery and to my own stupid decision decide on July 1st due to work (another post coming about my wonderful job!!!! )