Friday, June 12, 2009

Well hello again. Haven't been here since September. Wow how time flies. Well I'm currently 7 months and 3 weeks pregnant. I'm writing because I'm in horrible pain. It's like I've reverted back to 3 weeks post op. i'm having to sit in the shower to shave and get to my legs, I have to get help getting dressed most of the time now. It's just not that good. I've mentioned it to the OB's and OS. They initially told me that there would be no contraindications to a natural delivery, but since I'm really wondering what they are going to do with me. I can't move my right leg to the position to slide my future son out the way that the good Lord meant for him to come out. My OB is going to contact Dr. Olson at Duke and discuss my method of delivery. I'm telling them that it's like a hot poker running down my leg again. I don't think I physically can birth my son the natural way. Not to mention I'm terrified of what the outcome of my hip might be if they do make me deliver the natural way. I wish us women had a choice of how we delivered. I'm hoping and praying real hard they do what's best for me and the baby. I can't afford to mess up my hip and then have an infant and a busted hip either. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this? I know it's been so long most of bored with my blog, but I'm praying for support for I feel like I'm revisiting my PAO all over again although I'm 12 months out!


Abner & Jennie said...

Hi Brenna, just responded to your post on the boards, but wanted to say email if you have any other c-sec questions. Take care!

Jen said...

Hi, I was just wondering how your hip(s) held up after your pregnancy? I am most likely facing a PAO soon and having a baby maybe a year after is one of my concerns. Thanks!