Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Spider Will Make You Run

Well I have one week until I go back to work. I'm actually getting excited because I can interact with adults again.
The title today is because of what happened today. I've been working with just a cane and weight bearing as tolerated. I was at the beach with my family. I was rinsing off at the trailer and we have these giant spiders in the trees and I noticed a spider crawling up the side of the shower. I screamed, threw the hose and took off running to the best of my capabilities. It was kind of funny when you look back, at least my parents got a giant kick out of it.
I'm now on a cane. I feel okay and am wanting to get back to normal. I drove the other day for the first time (MY NEW VEHICLE) I'm so excited about that.
My legs do hurt at night after using them all day. I do work hard at PT and do as many of them as I can at home. I'm really stalled as to what else is going on with my recovery. My mental state is much better and my leg/hip is feeling so much better overall except the expected soreness and stiffness.
Well not too much more now.


the girl said...

I cannot wait to NOT work!

Sam said...

Hilarious story about the spiders...Lauren had a very similar thing happen but with a cockroach...and I believe she was unable to run away. :(

Keep up the great work!

Brenna Wolfe said...

Thanks for encouragement. At least I know if I had to run for my life, I could at a certain rate. I refuse to go to the beach now until those things are GONE!!!!

Cass said...

Love the spider story. Luckily, it was rain that made me have to really run for the first time!
Hope the first days back at work have been bearable, and I'm glad you're continuing to make gains!
P.S. Thanks for your advice regarding my (lack of) love life!